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Job Interview Preparation Method

How to nail the next job interview?

You’re probably anxious and stressed about the upcoming interview and wonder how to prepare.

When it comes to the behavioural part of the interview, there is a way to come up with a great answer to every question. 💡


Use the STAR method.

Using this technique, you don’t need to memorise your answers, you will come up with the best answer possible at the moment you need it.

For example, when you get the question: “Tell me about a time when you performed well under enormous pressure”, use the STAR method and follow these steps to formulate your answer:

✅ Situation – think of an event, project, or challenging situation you faced

✅ Task – think about the responsibilities and assignments you had in that situation

✅ Action – think about steps or procedures taken to solve the situation/problem

✅ Result – list your results of actions taken and lessons you’ve learned

IMPORTANT: Use only success examples and use the first-person narrative.

Check out the answer example I gave in the file below.

Good luck! 🍀

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