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My support to organisations is two-fold:

1️⃣ Helping with offboarding and outplacement

If your business is facing layoffs or you want to provide support to your tenured or offboarding employees, I can help you by providing 1:1 coaching and career transition services for your employees.


Remember, part of a compassionate reduction in force is providing your former employees with support to land their next role.

2️⃣ Providing career/job search workshops or team coaching

If a part of your business activity is related to job search, or your team needs career development or leadership development, we can address this together and create customised workshops and coaching sessions.

Benefits of using coaching services:

✅  You are keeping the reputation of a caring and responsible employer

✅  You are helping your employees find new jobs faster, gain career clarity or develop the key skills they need

✅  You are giving your employees a sense of safety in a very challenging part of their lives


Services can include:

1️⃣  Career insight and coaching

2️⃣  Resume and cover letter writing

3️⃣  Interview preparation

4️⃣  LinkedIn profile editing and personal brand development

5️⃣  Creating job search plans

6️⃣  Workshops and presentations

7️⃣  Team or individual coaching sessions


The cost of outplacement/offboarding services ranges from €500 to €1.200 per person, depending on the package of services and the employee's professional level. Please fill in the form below to request a confidential call and a quote.

The cost of training, courses, or workshops is determined depending on the company's requirements. Please contact me via chat on my website or via my LinkedIn profile for this.

Looking forward to working with you!

Professional level of emplyees:

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