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FAQ-career coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find the answers to the questions I get asked the most. You can also chat with me anytime. Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • What's the difference between executive packages and other packages offered on the website?
    Executive coaching packages and services are for senior professionals and executives, and the coaching approach, focus, and outcomes here differ from those for entry-level and mid-level professionals. For more info, contact me via chat or email:
  • Will I have your support after we finish our coaching?
    Yes, you will. I will be available for job search and job application advice via LinkedIn messages or emails.
  • Can I read some client reviews and testimonials?
    Of course! You can read what my clients say about my services on my website or my LinkedIn profile.
  • How can I choose the right coaching service for me?
    Please, fill in and submit the "DISCOVER WHAT SERVICE IS RIGHT FOR YOU" form in the website footer, and I will get back to you with suitable coaching suggestions for your professional level and needs.
  • Do you personally design resumes, professional biographies, and other materials/outcomes?
    Yes, I personally design all materials and documents you get, mostly in Adobe Illustrator.
  • Is it possible to pay in installments?
    Yes, it is for fees higher than EUR 1.000.
  • What is your process?
    Service Selection and Booking: To start, select a package/service, chose the time/date from my calendar, and require booking. Once you have sent the request, I will confirm and send you an electronic invoice within 24 hours. It’s possible to pay via credit card or direct bank transfer. After the payment confirmation, your service is officially booked. Career Coaching Session: This session/consultation is designed to explore your current situation, your career and job search goals, and the challenges you face. Document Preparation: After the consultation, I will design your customized career documents and provide them via email for review within seven (3) days. We will do up to two (2) sets of revisions until we finalise the documents. All final copies are supplied via email, in Word and PDF.
  • How is your career coaching and resume writing different from other coaching services I can find online?
    There are lots of coaching and resume writing services online with different pricing, and it can be confusing and hard to choose the right executive resume writer/executive coach. I practice 1-on-1 coaching and have a customized approach when writing resumes for different professional levels and different sectors. That is not the case with online commercial resume writing services and large resume writing firms - they rely heavily on using resume templates and working with writers who often do not have HR, recruiting, and hiring experience/background. They heavily rely on openAI lately, too. Because of all this, they fail to grasp and present adequate and relevant info on the resume and make it stand out among the competition - which is the very purpose of why you need these kinds of services in the first place. I also have more than 10 years of experience in HR consulting and 6+ years in executive coaching. Additionally, you can count on my continuous support and advice long after the coaching services are provided.
  • Do you sell resume templates and other digital materials?
    Yes, you can find all available digital files on the Online Shop and Templates page.
  • Do you have the ATS in mind when writing resumes?
    Absolutely. You will get advice and guidance from someone who worked and works with different applicant tracking systems (and helped organisations implement a few).

Alessandro Lasi, Global Director at Johnson & Johnson, Switzerland

When you hire Olivera to brush up your Personal Branding you will get significantly more than any new resume!

In finding a new role within your company or at a new company what you really need is an image and a brand that others believe in. This is marketing 101 and Olivera will bring that to you.

Not only did she redo my resume that opened a lot of doors for me, she re-branded my LinkedIn profile and how I reached out to others; she also supported me all the way through my job transition to a new company, and was precious to set up my professional blog.

I highly recommend her services, you won't be disappointed.

Ofelia Ruiz, Regional Executive at Ricoma, USA

I'm very happy to give my recommendation for Olivera. She is a great professional and an excellent source of information with her insightful postings. She not only delivers a very high quality product, but her response and availability, makes her an outstanding service, together with her friendly personality. I will not hesitate to recommend her to all my fellow colleagues.

Marco Fuentes, Director Aerospace at Howmet, Mexico

Olivera is a remarkable Woman of great character and I would not hesitate to recommend her. In particular, Olivera has genuine talent and passion for adding value, leadership, training and giving support to executives.

Thashen Pillay, Turnaround Manager
at Neste, Netherlands

I recently had the pleasure of working with Olivera to improve my CV and LinkedIn profile after an unexpected occurrence in my career. I thought I had a decent CV already, but Olivera took it to a higher, more polished level. It was an absolute pleasure working with her!


Olivera's quick turnaround time on emails and document reviews is outstanding and her professional tips and expert guidance are extremely insightful and helpful - these were the things I valued the most. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. I would definitely recommend Olivera to anyone looking to take the next step in their careers by building and improving their online personal brand.

Cristopher Slauter, Director of Network Engineering at Hoosier, USA

I recently had the pleasure to work with Olivera to revamp my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. After having worked with other coaches and resume writers previously without great success, I wasn't sure what to expect and was admittedly cautiously optimistic at best.

I could not have been more pleased with Olivera's approach, style, and great attention to detail ensuring I was on board with every change regardless of it's importance. She demonstrated a tenacity in her drive to produce results quickly knowing that the longer it took, the longer I wasn't applying with my best possible brand.

I am absolutely satisfied with the results of working with Olivera. On previous attempts at similar services, it always felt like I had overpaid for services that were underwhelming, and that I was simply a fee. With Olivera, not only were her rates surprisingly reasonable for the results delivered, I felt like I was working with a partner that was genuinely invested in my success..

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