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Is your business facing difficult times and layoffs? Or do you want to provide support to your tenured employees?


Outplacement should be one of the most important parts of the severance/separation package you offer.


Benefits of using outplacement services:

  • You are keeping the reputation of a caring and responsible employer and minimising the litigation risk

  • You are helping your employees to refocus and find a new and satisfying job faster

  • You are giving your employees a positive reinforcement and a sense of safety in a very challenging part of their lives

  • By ensuring that your exiting employees are focusing on their careers, rather than their frustrations at being let go, you reduce the adverse impact on your social reputation as a company and employer


Olivera Coaching & Consulting outplacement services can include:

  • Career insight and coaching

  • Resume and cover letter writing

  • Interview preparation

  • LinkedIn profile building or editing

  • Creating a customised job search plan


What do outplacement services cost?


The cost of outplacement ranges from €1.750 to €5.000, depending on the package of services and the employee professional level.


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