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7 Hiring Myths and the Truth Behind Them

*(not for those who can't handle straightforwardness well 🙂 )


🔴 Myth: Companies like passive candidates as they make better hires than active candidates.

✅ Truth: Since passive candidates are more difficult to find, this rings a bell for effort bias here – if you put in more effort to get something, it must be superior. No evidence shows that passive candidates are more skilled, more motivated, or more cost-effective hires. 



🔴 Myth: Companies are making hiring decisions based on who has the lowest salary expectations.

✅ Truth: A company will pay you within THEIR range for a specific job. So, even if you have more experience than the job requires, you will still not get an offer above that range. 



🔴 Myth: Contractor workers are cheaper than full-time employees.

✅ Truth: Depending on the rate calculation, project length, and scope of work, a contractor could cost the company more than hiring a full-time employee.




🔴 Myth: A company can hire a person just because they came as a referral.

✅ Truth: If you are not a qualified candidate, no referral can help you get an interview, let alone being hired. 




🔴 Myth: "My friend reached out to the company, and they created a role just for him." 

✅ Truth: A company could adjust a role based on the current candidate pool, or offer a similar role to a runner-up candidate without posting it. That's

as far as things go.




🔴 Myth: HR people and recruiters will always try to lowball you.

✅ Truth: The compensation amounts are based on the company's job families and position ranks, it is not an individual decision. 




🔴 Myth: A company can reject you just for being overqualified. 

✅ Truth: Being overqualified is not a problem, but showing the "wrong" motivation for the job is. For example, when it becomes obvious that a candidate wants the role just to enter the company (stepping-stone).


Your sword and armour in this battle? ⚔️

Apply only to the roles for which you are qualified. That's it. 

I'm just a message away if you need my help. 💬



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