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Do Employers Hire for Passion and Ability to Learn?

"Hire people based on passion and their willingness to learn and do the job..."

"I don't have a CV, and I've found a job in 30 days."

"Recruiters do not read resumes, the ATS screens them out."

Despite what these "influencers" want to make you believe, hiring managers and recruiters are looking for those who HAVE the background and skills they need to meet the requirements of the job.

For some sectors, those requirements must be fully met, like 100% met.

Also, recruiters CAN'T see your passion or your willingness to learn on your resume, and, most likely, they don't even care about that.

Hiring managers have an obligation to their own jobs, teams, and to the business and very few are willing to hire someone with little to no experience for a role, unless they were willing to train - which takes time and resources, and many companies have neither.

So, try to INFORM yourself as much as you can about the hiring process in the company you are applying to, ask for advice from people with HR or recruiting experience, and try to accept that the job search will be full of ups and downs.

Don't follow the "influencers" who are actually after your money and offering useless services that will also cost you your time.

Work smarter, not harder. 🍀



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