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Do You Want More Messages from Recruiters and Employers?

If you are wisely using LinkedIn in your job search, you know that being visible there is very important. However, not many people are aware of the common mistakes they make.

Here are some basic changes you can do to improve your visibility and ranking in recruiter searches, as well as their first impression when they land on your profile:

✳️ Use a profile photo that makes you look professional. Forget about the wedding photos, cropped photos, blurred ones or selfies.

✳️ Your Headline should include your profession/target role, expertise, or the catchy results you've achieved previously.

✳️ Write About section strategically – use the first person, blend in the keywords relevant to your profession and job search goals, and include your main achievements.

✳️ Highlight your top 3 skills in the Skills section (and get endorsed!) and add all skills that you possess – both soft and hard (don't add skills just for the sake of your target job if you don't have them).

✳️ Make your profile completely public - make it easy for employers and people outside your network to contact you. Don't hide your profile photo, experience, or other important sections.

Message me if you need help, and like or comment if you find this helpful.

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