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How to Write Your IT Resume

If you are a Front-end, Back-end or Full-stack Developer, UI/UX Designer, or Software Developer, and you are currently between jobs, I have a question for you 👇

Do you have all your projects listed on your resume?

If you don’t, today is the day to work on it.

Having a separate project section makes all the difference between you and the next candidate, and it’s often a dealmaker if the employers are happy with what they see.

I worked with many IT professionals, lots of them were just breaking into design or coding, and there were a lot of graduates too.

Here is how I write their project section, and you can do it too.

For every project you had, create 4 bullets:

🔵 Write the name of the project, your role in it, and the year when you finished it

🔵 What were the project goals? What activities did you do during the project?

🔵 What were the project outcomes? Lessons learned for you?

🔵 What tech did you use?

Use as many numbers, percentages, and quantified stuff as you can.

Make sure your GitHub, or wherever you have your portfolio, is up to date and polished.

Like and comment for other IT folks to see, or hit me up if you need help. 🙂

Work smarter, not harder. 🍀

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