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5 Worst Pieces of Job Search Advice

Bad job search advice is everywhere. The LinkedIn world is filled with job searching advice, some of which can be counterproductive or damaging to your chances of landing a good position. 

bad job search advice

Here are the worst pieces of advice I see on this platform every day:

☢️ "Send your resume to everyone"

This spray-and-pray approach is ineffective. Employers value tailored applications that show a candidate has taken the time to understand the company and the specific role. Blanket sending your resume can make you appear unfocused and disorganized.

☢️ "Follow up constantly"

While it's important to show interest, overly frequent follow-ups can come off as, mildly put, annoying. It's better to ask about the timeline for a decision during your interview and follow up accordingly.


☢️ "Make your resume as short as possible"

Yes, recruiters prefer concise resumes that highlight the most relevant experience and skills, but not at the expense of relevant or even crucial information. If someone tells you a 1-page resume is the thing, just run. 🙂

☢️ “Avoid age bias by leaving out the years of graduation and employment dates or by cutting out old roles”

Employers need this info, and by removing it, you are not increasing your chances of being invited to the interview. Instead, you are giving an impression of “hiding something”. And that’s not good. Be proud of your extensive experience, your long career path and, most importantly, your career accomplishments. 

☢️ “Use ChatGTP or resume builders to write your resume”

AI can be very helpful in formulating and structuring your resume content, but do not use the AI writing outcome without editing or proofreading it. I can always tell when my clients come with an AI-written resume, and it usually does not say anything notable or personalised about the person and their experience. Avoid the trap of being generic and focus on what makes you exceptional. 

The best resumes are those that are concise, easy to read, honest, and demonstrate clearly how you are a great fit for the role. 

The best job search strategy is focused on the target role and on providing the most relevant info related to it through various outputs (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, interview).

Be smart about who you follow and whose advice you take. 🧠

I'm just a message away if you need me. 💬


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Work smarter, not harder. Invest in your career and your future wisely. 🍀



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