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A Career Break Does Not Define You!

Almost a year ago, she was a single mum without a job and recovering from COVID.

She had difficulties getting a permanent job in her field in the Netherlands, so one of her friends referred her to me after reading my post about helping women with their resumes.

Many women feel trapped and without confidence when they want to return to work after their career breaks.

Some of them feel like they have nothing to offer in the current competitive market. This couldn't be further from the truth. Just because you took some time off to be with your kids and family, does not mean you lost all your skills and knowledge. It's all there.

It's only important to find the right way to illustrate it on paper, and

present yourself as a highly desirable candidate throughout your resume.

More often than not, when thinking of resuming a career, the most obvious route might seem to be to return to the path you were previously on. However, you might be feeling uncertain about this route. It is quite possible that you feel that the person you have evolved into during your break has different needs and interests from the person you were before.

Perhaps your return to the working world has you considering new career options or different jobs to what you were doing previously. Not being sure of which path you’d like to take can be frustrating and overwhelming, leaving you feeling directionless and without a way forward.

Don't give up, and don't lose your faith.

Help can be just one message away, if you ask. Working with an experienced career coach can restore your confidence and give you the support you need to continue your professional journey.

Work smarter, not harder. 🍀

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