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Are you an executive or senior professional exploring your career options right now?

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Because of your professional level, you probably see that your challenges are unique.

Here are the top 3 problems senior professionals face during the job search process:

⛔ Limited job openings

Positions at the senior level are relatively few, and competition for them is high. Many executive-level jobs are not advertised publicly, which means executives may need to rely on their personal networks or executive search firms to find out about job openings. If they don't have a robust network, this can make the job search more difficult.


⛔ Limited visibility

Senior professionals who have been in the same industry or company for a long time usually do not have a strong online presence or personal brand. They lack knowledge of the current job market too. Because of that, their salary expectations may not align with what employers are willing to pay, which makes negotiations more difficult. It's often very challenging for them to stand out to potential employers.


⛔ Lack of career clarity

Some of the executives and senior professionals I work with are not entirely clear on what they want to do next. This makes the job search difficult because they don't know what kind of job they are looking for, or what industries they want to explore.


A clear understanding of your career goals is the prerequisite for any professional change or a successful job search.

To progress on your career path, you must address this first. No shortcuts, sadly.

Check below the essential steps you need to take to start gaining career clarity.

I'm just a message away if you need me. 💬💙

career clarity



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