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"Why I Didn't Get a Job?!?"

I get asked a lot by people why they, despite going through a (lengthy) hiring process and nailing all the interviews, still very often don't end up with an offer…

This is a painful topic for many – people invest their energy, time, knowledge, hopes and dreams, and practically all they got to shine during interviews, so rejections can make us feel pretty worthless.

The reality is – if you went through the entire hiring process, you probably gave your best, and you did all you could do.

Whom will the hiring manager choose is out of your control now, and the reason why they choose someone over you is usually related to the team and team dynamics.

The hiring indicators that hiring managers follow the most:

🟢 Will you connect with the team?

🟢 Will you challenge the team?

🟢 Do you complement the team, and in what way?

If you scored "yes" for all 3, congratulations, you are the person they want!

So, remember, it's usually not about you and your abilities; it's about what the company's and the team's NEEDS are at that specific moment.

I know it doesn't hurt less when you hear this, but I hope it gives you a realistic picture of the hiring process and how to deal with it.

Work smarter, not harder. 🍀


P.S. In case you need professional assistance, here is how I can help you:



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