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How Are Your Delegation Skills?

Does being a great manager and leader depend on a person's ability to delegate? You bet! Micromanaging is all about a manager's insecurity. Your job is not to be omnipresent; your job is to enable, motivate and assess the various paths. Also, most people incorrectly assume increased seniority implies less communication. But the opposite is true. Your communication and delegation skills are deal makers or deal breakers for you as a leader. If you actively work on those, you'll save yourself hundreds of hours. So, what do you need to do BEFORE you can "let go"? 1️⃣ First of all, you need to show your boss that you are in control – manage up (offer solutions, not problems; make requests, not complaints) 2️⃣ Learn to harness your team's new perspective and enthusiasm to do things better, instead of "showing" them 3️⃣ Ask your team how they want to grow (they will tell you) 💡 WHAT to delegate? 💡 ✅ Anything you already partially delegate ✅ Tasks where you can't add much value ✅ The routine tasks 💡 HOW to delegate? 💡 ✅ Outline the vision ✅ Share resources ✅ Describe your definition of done ✅ Clarify that you are always available to help Needless to say, if you are a control freak (like certain people I know 🙂), you'll find this process very painful and long. But you actually have no choice – you will either learn to let go, start building trust and motivating people (give them a sense of autonomy), or you will end up leading a bunch of zombies who will eventually start looking for recognition elsewhere. So, work smarter, not harder. 🙂🍀 Follow me for more tips on LinkedIn ➡️ #oliveracoaching and Olivera Andjelkovic.



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