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How To Choose the Right Career Coaching or Resume Writing Service?

This decision is so important because it can significantly influence your career trajectory – for better or worse.

So, what steps and considerations do you need to make for the best possible choice?

First of all, the coaching relationship should be based on trust, even if it’s only about redoing your resume. A credible and trustful career coach will be open and transparent about their services, results or former clients. These should be the first things you check for red or green flags.

Before you reach out, consider the following:

🔴 Have you defined your career coaching needs?

Are you looking for guidance on career transitions, interview prep, job search strategies, or long-term career planning? Or do you just need your resume redone? Do you also need a cover letter, LinkedIn profile update, or other related services?

🔴 When doing research, check the coach's reviews and testimonials.

Do they seem verifiable? Can you reach out to those former clients and ask for a referral? These days, it’s so easy to buy good reviews (especially on third-party websites), and it’s even easier to fake them. Make sure those are real and true.

🔴 Check the experience and credentials a coach has.

How many years have they been offering their services? Do they have HR, hiring and recruiting background? Do not stop on certification, they can be misleading sometimes – for effective and successful career coaching, a person needs much more than learning technicalities about resume writing.

🔴 Ask about and assess the coaching or resume writing process.

Do they have a structured approach? How collaborative is the process? Will you have opportunities to give feedback and revise your resume, for example? Or what is their turnaround time? Will you speak with a person that writes your resume?

🔴 Think about the price.

Determine your budget ahead of time. Remember, the cheapest option may not always be the best, but the most expensive doesn’t guarantee the best results either. Consider value over cost.

🔴 Check if there is a continued support.

After the main service, do they offer any follow-up support or resources? For career coaching, is there an option for ongoing sessions, or is it a one-time service?

🔴 Think about referrals - ask friends, family, or colleagues if they've used similar services and can recommend someone.

LinkedIn can be a good platform for this. You can see who among your connections has given or received endorsements or recommendations for career coaching or resume writing. If you are interested in working with a specific coach, check out their posts, comments, and the way they interact with people online.

🔴 And finally - trust your gut.

Go with someone you feel comfortable working with. Your intuition can guide you in determining if there's a good fit between you and the coaching service provider. If something feels off, or if you're not comfortable for any reason, consider other options.

Once you've considered these steps and considerations, you'll be better positioned to make an informed decision that can help move your career forward.

Unfortunately, in recent years, there have been many incompetent and opportunistic people online and on LinkedIn, offering career coaching services, automating them, and making all sorts of “pyramidal” businesses in the coaching sector. People who use their inefficient services often come to me after asking for help.

Be wise, take care, and don’t fall into this trap.

Check out the guide on how to spot fake and incompetent coaches on LinkedIn or online:

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