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What are the Key Skills You Absolutely Must Have on Your Resume?

A million-dollar question. 😊

In my work, I always focus on 3 essential skill categories when writing a resume:

1️⃣ Technical

2️⃣ Strategic

3️⃣ Soft skills

The right combo of these 3 is your winning resume combo as well.

You will usually find in the job descriptions what qualifications employers value the most, so let that be your guide.

Remember, the most important part when writing your resume - do not just list these skills, but also provide on your resume concrete examples with metrics from your experience that demonstrate your proficiency in each area.

Meaning: quantifiable achievements MUST support each key skill.

For instance:

When they want "5 years of experience in Supply Chain Management", you write an achievement that elaborates on how you reduced supply chain inefficiencies by a certain percentage, leading to cost savings or other tangible benefits for the company.


When they want "Social Media Management" knowledge, you should specify how you grew a company's Instagram followers by 30% in 6 months or how a particular campaign led to a significant increase in engagement.

Catch my drift? 🙂

Now, I made a simple table suggesting some of the key resume skills for specific roles; you can download it and take it as a guide.

Share with others if you find it helpful.

Work smarter, not harder. 🍀 I’m just a message away if you need me. 💬

examples key skills for your resume


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