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How to Make Your Job Search Efficient and Resilient?

Do you know how to structure your job search time and make it more efficient?

Job search can look like a full-time job. And as in every full-time job, here, too, is all about balance. 

Structure your day in a way that will give you the balance between learning, relaxing, and job searching activities (and avoid getting overwhelmed and depressed), for example:


✅ Dedicate at least 1 hour to learning or improving a skill necessary for your target job. Diversify your skill set and learn new technologies that are in demand. Use LinkedIn Learning, edX, Coursera, Udacity, Skillshare.

✅ Send targeted job applications (for the positions where you meet the qualification requirements).

✅ Send a few connection requests on LinkedIn; post, engage with other people's posts.



✅ Study the topic from your field that will help make you more employable.

✅ Watch a keynote presentation/ interview with an expert in your field, or listen to the podcast.

✅ Take a break - read a book, take a walk, or spend time with your friends or family.

✅ Read at least 1 useful blog/article related to job search (articles and posts with job search tips can be found in the link in my bio).



✅ Check your LinkedIn - identify new job ads, new companies/people to follow. Limit time spent to 1 hour.

✅ Take a walk and breathe fresh air.


Last but not least, treat every job search obstacle as an opportunity:

💡 Didn't progress to the next hiring stage, didn't get any feedback, or had a bad experience? You've definitely improved your interviewing skills and learned how not to treat candidates in your future career.

💡 Didn't get the offer after the final stage? Ask for some feedback from the interviewers and take it constructively.

💡 Didn't pass that test on an interview and felt terrible not knowing the answer? You just found a crack in your knowledge, so continue studying the subject you didn't know.

💡 The interviewer(s) was unpleasant? Did you feel discriminated against in some way? Now you know that such behaviour is accepted in this company's culture, and you have, frankly, dodged the bullet. 

REMEMBER: a job search is a process. Save your strength and change the things you can control.

I'm just a message away if you need me. 💬


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