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Are You Being Ghosted?

Do you still wait for an update after the interview you had? Feeling ignored is not easy, especially when you are looking for a new role, and time is of the essence. I see so many bittered posts from people on LinkedIn accusing recruiters and employers of being unprofessional, and as I’m sure some of them are to blame, maybe seeing the situation objectively can change a perspective and resolve the frustration.

So, what is ghosting?

Ghosting occurs when you don't hear from a company after you've met with them for a job interview. To be 'ghosted,' some two-way communication must have previously existed. If you submitted a job application without a reply, this does not qualify as ghosting. Ghosting usually happens when factors outside an applicant's control impact the hiring process. More often than not, recruiters and hiring managers are caught in situations when they do not still have an answer or decision (yet), or they face some challenges.


If there's no feedback after the interview, this might be happening:

🔴 The recruiter or hiring manager went on vacation or left the company.

🔴 The company or hiring manager may have paused the hiring or shifted their focus to filling a different role, without much warning.

🔴 The recruiter you spoke with is inexperienced or not great at their job.


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If you have been ghosted, here is what you can do:

✅ Reach out and write a follow-up email seven days after your last talk or email. Be polite and avoid being pushy or aggressive – it will not help.

✅ Assess the situation objectively. Sometimes, things are not as we like to think, and maybe that interview didn't go as well as you believe.

✅ Continue with your job search. Keep applying even if you are about to get an offer. You can never predict what could happen, so stay in the game until you sign that contract.

Remember, after the first interview, one of your questions at the end should be, "What are the next steps in this process, and when is it okay to follow up?".

If you suspect that your interview skills need improvement, conducting mock interviews and practising with someone can mean a lot for your readiness and your confidence for the actual job interview.



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