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How To Write A Good Cover Letter?

Do you know what your cover letter should have? And do you need one?

After seeing so many posts about how cover letters and resumes are becoming obsolete 🤯 and thinking “have these people ever applied for a job?”, I decided it’s time to speak up.

Yes, resumes and cover letters do matter, and they are not going away any time soon.

For those who are trying to persuade us that video resumes are going mainstream – do not bother. If these people had any experience in the HR, they’d be aware of a thing called an ethnic bias in the resume‐screening phase. So I doubt the traditional resume is losing a battle.

That goes for the cover letters too. It’s true, some employers emphasize them more than others, but a cover letter remains one of the most important tools of every job seeker today.

If you are unsure about how to write a cover letter, here are some tips:

✅ Do not make it longer than 1 page

✅ Do not use cliched or jargon language, be professional and concise

✅ Do not repeat your CV



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