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Job Search: What Can We Control?

I speak daily with people who struggle to find a job in the current market. By default, they are overwhelmed and frustrated with things they cannot control: their competition, current business climate, employer’s decisions, circumstances… If you are one of them, pause for a moment. Focus on things that you CAN control. And here are 2 crucial things that depend on you and your actions: #️⃣1️⃣ Information you provide. When applying, your only job is to prove that you meet or exceed the qualifications for the role. To provide the data recruiters and hiring managers need to see, focus on understanding the company expectations, ask a recruiter for any interview preparation tips, and learn all about the role and team that can help you. When rewriting your resume, ask yourself, "Does this help reinforce my qualifications for my target role?". Anything that doesn't get a "yes" isn't worth including in our resume. When updating your LinkedIn profile, keep your target job and audience in mind, and publish relevant information accordingly. ➖➖➖ #️⃣2️⃣ Connections you make. If you try to connect with recruiters and companies only when looking for a new role, and then forget all about that networking thing afterward, you are not playing it right. You should build relationships with several recruiters in your niche (based on your professional level, and your industry), and stay in touch with them. If you understand how recruiters operate, you’ll be much more likely to have a satisfying and rewarding relationship with them. Remember, the recruiter’s job is not to find you a job, it’s to find the best-fit candidates to fill positions for their (client) companies. ➖➖➖ So, stop worrying about your competition and other things out of your control. Do your best to understand the hiring process and worry about what you can control - which are the information you provide and connections you make at every step of the process. Work smarter, not harder. 🍀


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