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New Year - New Job?

Is a new job top of your Christmas list this year?

Although most roles slow down around the holiday season, you shouldn't quite slow down your job search (especially if you are in the tech industry).

Some companies have money in their budgets that need to be used up by the end of the year.

Others are trying to tie up loose ends before the new year, including hiring for open positions.

Not to mention that a lot of people put their job searching on hold over December to focus on family and celebrations until the New Year – which means less competition for those who continue searching.

The right opportunity might be out there.

If your field has slowed down, now is the perfect time to reflect and maybe change your job search strategy if you're not happy with the results.

Don't give up, believe in yourself, and don't be afraid to adapt and change the approach if needed.

Make December a time to push your job search ready for a fresh start in 2022!

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