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What Are Employers Looking for in Your Job Application?

Here is a breakdown of how a modern application screening process usually looks like:


✅ They check your qualifications and how they match the job description

✅ They look for your quantifiable achievements as proof that you can deliver results and value to the company

Make your resume concise, easy to read and easy for readers to find relevant info. The resume is a dealmaker or deal-breaker - up to 80% of applications get eliminated after resume skimming/reading.


✅ They’ll look you up on LinkedIn, so make sure you have it on your resume to make it easier to find you

✅ They will check how you present yourself, and the first impression does matter

✅ They will also look at your connections, interests, and whether the info in your resume corresponds to the info on your profile.

Up to 5% of applications get eliminated after a profile check – it means that your online presence, especially on LinkedIn, is a powerful first impression tool, so use it to your advantage.


✅ They will read your cover letter. Yes, they do read them, so make sure your cover letter is strategically written.

✅ They will check all your online activity, including your personal website/blog (if you have it), GitHub, portfolio, design or developer work

Keep all these up to date and presentable. Sometimes, additional documents/info are actually the factors that determine whether a candidate gets invited to an interview or not. Keep this in mind.

I hope this helps. 🙂

So, what would be your weakest spot, what do you think?


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