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Searching For A Job As A Senior Professional?

You've noticed by now that times have changed. You probably used to find your next job easily within your network before, but you realized now it’s not so easy…

Almost 95% of the senior professionals and executives’ resumes I read are outdated - usually written ten years ago, never updated, or updated recently using the same, old style.

So, what the resume of a senior professional need to reflect today to stand out among the fierce competition?

✅ It needs to reflect that you are prepared for the “top of the food chain” and have the experience, accomplishments, and career successes to PROVE IT.

✅ It needs to TELL STORY that clearly shows your leadership, decision-making, strategic management skills, and the specific hard skill set required by the role.

✅ Additionally, you need to have an outstanding LinkedIn profile that complements your resume and adds to your personal BRAND as a leader and expert.

Do your resume and your LinkedIn profile reflect all these?

Not sure how to achieve it?

Let’s talk and shorten your job search pains.

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