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What NOT to do on LinkedIn?

If you are searching for a job, LinkedIn can be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on your approach.

Here is a short list of things you shouldn't do on LinkedIn:

🟥 Do not make your public profile invisible. Why would you have strict privacy settings if you are looking for a job? Don’t hide your profile photo or any relevant sections on your profile. It doesn’t make sense... A professional profile photo is priceless. If they do not find the information they need, employers and recruiters will just move on to another, more approachable candidate.

🟥 Don’t repost your private Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook videos and photos. I get it. You want to stand out, and you see some other people do this to spice up their LinkedIn content. My advice would be - if you are on LinkedIn looking for a job, just keep it professional. I’m sure your prospective employer will not be impressed with what your pet just did or what you had for dinner…

🟥 Do not complain about your current or past employers or colleagues in comments or posts. What does this say about you actually? Think about it.

🟥 Don’t apply for jobs on LinkedIn without updating your profile first. Make sure your profile photo, headline, about section and all other profile parts are up to date and optimized.

🟥 Don’t demand favours from your connections. If someone is offering you help, of course, you should take it. But, don’t ask people who don’t know you to give you recommendations, write you a referral or do professional stuff for you for free. Respect the time and work of others, and you’ll get respect back. 😉

Work smarter, not harder. 🍀

Message me if you need help with your LinkedIn job search and profile. 💬

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