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How to Improve Your Visibility and Handle Your Networking on LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers great opportunities and support for job seekers. Do you know how to profit from those?

When people are new on LinkedIn, it’s not so rare that they make the following mistakes:

❌ Create a profile (as an online resume) and assume they will automatically become visible to everyone (read: employers)

❌ Use a default Headline LinkedIn gives them

❌ Start sending random connection requests without a personal note, assuming these will be accepted

❌ Add skills they don't have to match better to the target job qualification requirements

❌ Don’t get the importance of endorsements and recommendations

❌ Set their profile photo, or their public profile invisible to others

❌ Leave their profile incomplete

The truth is that even with a perfectly optimized profile if you are not active on LinkedIn and do not put an extra effort to connect, engage, and build relationships, your reach and visibility will be pretty low.

What should you do on LinkedIn to improve your visibility? Read the advice on the photo below.

Many job seekers also overlook the power of building a LinkedIn network. I get questions every day about how to approach others, what to say to recruiters, or how to follow up with the hiring managers.

It’s simple – behave like you would in real life.

When you go to networking events, do you walk around handing out your resume to every stranger you see, asking to find you a job, introduce you to someone, or give you a referral?

I bet you don't. Don’t do these things on LinkedIn either. 🤷

You shouldn't be afraid to connect with people, make networking a part of your job search strategy.

But, some things could hinder your networking success:

⚠️ Your online presence 👉 LinkedIn profile. Do you look and sound like the professional you're saying you are? Is your profile matching your target job? Can recruiters and employers easily find all relevant info (your skills, results, etc.)? What should you change?

⚠️ Your behaviour. Avoid being too direct - you shouldn't ask people you don't know for favours. Instead, get interested in their professional background, ask questions, and try to connect genuinely. Let them know you're in the market for a specific role and seek their advice on current employment and industry trends. Also, do not trash recruiters, companies, or the hiring process.

So, what should you do instead?

🎯 Connect with people and recruiters from your industry (or the industry you are targeting) and from the companies you want to work for

🎯 Don't be pushy and demanding, you'll be ignored – build relationships instead

🎯 Send respectful, polite messages with your connection request – act like in real life

🎯 Try to find out more from your connections about your target industry, company, position you want to get – again, do not send your resume immediately with your connection request

🎯 Be you, be confident. Offer your help to others in your network.

If you don't know what to write to people or recruiters, check out the message examples below for some ideas.

Message me if you need help with your resume, LinkedIn profile or job search strategy. If you are not sure what coaching service would be right for you, fill in the resume check form in the footer. Thanks!

Work smarter, not harder. 🍀

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