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What To Cut Out From Your Resume As Outdated Info?

It’s hard to be objective when writing your resume, and it’s even harder to spot and cut out parts that are outdated.

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I often have a situation when, before rewriting a 6-page resume, I need to discuss with my clients why, as senior-level professionals, they need to say goodbye to their achievements and other info from 15 years ago.

It can seem a bit too much, but it is usually necessary because the resume's goal at that professional level is to focus on the leadership influence and the results – and those are done mainly in the last 10-15 years.

So, this is what you don’t need on your senior-level/executive resume anymore:

⛔ Objective section (write a strategic and catchy summary instead)

⛔ Information that is too personal (date of birth, full address, relationship status)

⛔ Salary information

⛔ Internships

⛔ Awards won at the University

⛔ Volunteering done before your first job

⛔ Courses/training completed at the beginning of the career

⛔ References

Message me if you struggle to fix these problems on your resume.

Work smarter, not harder. 🍀 Have a successful week, folks!


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