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Whose Job Search Advice Are You Taking?

A LinkedIn post I read a few days ago said that the most qualified candidates usually don't get the job.

Instead, the job gets the candidate who is the most connected and proactive.

Folks, that is nonsense.

Anyone who has been in HR can tell you that, if this was the case, these companies would be 100% doomed to failure.

The TRUTH is that the companies hire the candidates:

✅ with the right qualifications

✅ with the right skill set to be able to start contributing from the start

✅ who have the history of delivering impact - they'll know how to get things done

✅ who have a growth career path

Please, please, I'm begging you - take your career advice from people who have an HR background if you want to succeed in your job search.

Work smarter, not harder.



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