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What Type of Recruiter Is Right for You?

“The recruiters are ignoring my emails and messages…”

Is this you?

The typical situation many people who are looking for a new job face:

EXPECTATIONS ➡️ “This recruiter will find me a job.”

REALITY ➡️ Recruiters’ goal is to find candidates that match the positions in THEIR agenda – they work to meet the talent needs of their clients (companies).

So, what can you do to increase your chances of actually getting help from a recruiter?

🟢 Target the recruiters in your field only. As simple as that.

🟢 Target the industry, company, job function, city. Network with internal recruiters.

🟢 Do not contact every recruiter you come across on LinkedIn.

🟢 Check a recruiter’s background, experience and connections.

🟢 Communicate clearly and directly, be very specific when writing your message.

🟢 If you’ve been contacted by a recruiter, as for contact details and check him/her thoroughly before you send any personal materials and information.

If you are not getting any feedback from recruiters, reread these four points and see where you need to change your approach.

To find out more about how different recruiters work, read the file below.

Let me know if you need help. 💬

Work smarter, not harder! 🍀

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