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Why Do You Need to Fill In an Online Application After You Submit a Resume?

Fed up with the requirements to fill in the application form, although you have your resume attached?

This morning I read yet another employer dashing post (with the promo for the job search consulting without actual consultants that have ever worked in HR).

Please, stop.

Those applicant forms exist for a reason.

Anyone from HR and recruiting will tell you how much they struggle to get the right (and comparable) info they need from applicants' resumes.

Here is what recruiters and HR folks get when doing resume screening:

🔴 Each resume submitted has different info highlighted

🔴 Resumes with missing info (missing employment dates, missing names of employers, missing entire sections, etc.)

🔴 Functional-style resumes (those literally help no one)

So, in order to collect the same relevant info for EACH applicant, HR set these application forms.

It is not to annoy you or to waste your time, but to make an informed and accurate decision about whether you should move on to the next step in the hiring process.

This is why career coaching should be left to true professionals who have worked in the field.

If you worked for the Big 4, the FAANG, had an internship at Deloitte or applied to 800 jobs in 2020 when you graduated, it DOES NOT MAKE YOU A CAREER COACH. Nope.

Job seekers, please make a wise choice about whom you trust for job search advice.

If you want to have a chance to understand the process better and avoid being set against the recruiters and employers, just follow people and coaches who worked in HR and recruiting.

You’ll be less frustrated, and you’ll find a job faster.

Work smarter, not harder. 🍀

I'm here for any help.

Follow me on LinkedIn for more job search and career development tips ➡️ Olivera Andjelkovic

P.S. Backed up with 10+ yrs of HR consulting and 5+ years of coaching experience. 🙂



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