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Is a Resume Writing Service Worth It?

Are you swimming and drowning in the sea of job search and resume writing information online?

You are not alone.

Every job seeker I speak with is puzzled by these questions about resume writing:

❓ What format, colours, and font should I use?

❓ Which sections do I need to have?

❓ Do I need to have a photo?

❓ How to present my experience, skills, qualifications, and accomplishments best?

❓ How to use keywords?

❓ Will the ATS eat my resume (👀 ?!?)

❓ Do I need to include personal info?

And for many, this mission seems impossible for various reasons, so they choose to work with a professional.

However - it's crucial to choose a professional from an HR background.

There are 3 main steps when doing resume rewriting services research:

1️⃣ Research the professional background of a coach, look for client testimonials, reviews and recommendations

Find out if there’s HR or recruiting experience, entrepreneurship, or a background in your industry, that would be beneficial for your unique needs. See if the coaching fees are transparent and understand exactly what you’re receiving for the cost.

2️⃣ Ask your friends, colleagues, family, or former clients for recommendations and referrals

Start from your inner circle - do you know anyone who used career coaching services recently? If so, ask them about their experience. Also, check the testimonials from former clients and contact them for further information.

3️⃣ Trust your instinct when choosing a career coach or a resume writer

The coaching relationship is based on trust. Almost all of my clients come either from referrals or after following me on social media for a while. If you are interested in working with a specific coach, check out their posts, comments, and the way they interact with people online. Listen to your gut and go for it!

And, before you decide what is best for you, you need to know the PROS and CONS of working with a professional on your resume or your career development.

Check them out below. ⬇️

I’m just a chat away if you need me. 💬

Work smarter, not harder. 🍀

P.S. If you decide you want to work with me, here is how I can help you:



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