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Why Do Most People Fail to Rewrite Their Resumes Efficiently?

They are repeating their mistakes, and they end up with:

🚫 A resume without a purpose.

The job people want, and the job their resume targets are often 2 completely different things. If your resume is giving teacher, then you're only going to get teaching jobs; that's a fact.

The purpose of your resume content is to show how you match the job you apply for. Set your target job first, and then start writing.


🚫 A resume that looks like a historical essay.

4 or 5 pages of endless explanations and descriptions… This is doomed to failure.

Focus on your impact instead - apply the result-action-metrics method, and your resume will get shorter.


🚫 Inefficient 1st page.

People waste the first page with an opening that is actually a start of a novel. Don't do this.

Your first page is like the landing page on a website – it says who you are, what difference you made, and what you're great at. Keep it concise. Get the most important information onto the first page if you want employers to keep reading.


🚫 Lousy formatting.

If the resume is poorly formatted, has different fonts, and has a mix of design styles and elements, it will not do you justice.

You don't need Canva or some crazy Etsy template (you struggle to use); a lovely, elegant, and smart-looking file will do. Convert it to pdf, so your formatting keeps in place when you send your application.


I'm here for any help.

Work smarter, not harder! 🍀

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