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Why Is Searching for a Job in This Market Such an Exhausting Process?

People tell me all the time how they constantly tweak their resumes and adjust their interview talking points – and still, nothing.

Why is it so hard?

There are quite a few reasons:

Number 1️⃣

The market is very competitive right now, especially in certain fields (recruiting, IT).

Number 2️⃣

With the influx of new tech and constant changes, many companies struggle to improve and adjust their hiring processes – which, in a majority of cases, as a paradox, makes them longer and more daunting for candidates.

Number 3️⃣

Candidates struggle to change their job search mindset – they can’t stand out among the fierce competition, and they apply the wrong job search techniques (mass applying; not being up to date with the current job search methods and options; having a poorly written resume - to name a few).

Now, you can’t change points 1 and 2, but you can certainly do something about point 3.

job search resume writing

So many people I work with feel lost in this job market initially, and they fail to see how they can change their job search mindset to succeed.

It’s understandable – stress, uncertainty, rejections, and a drop in confidence can blur everyone’s judgment.

But do not let it all defeat you, dust yourself, and reflect on your efforts so far objectively.

Ask for help if you need it, and befriend technology:

🟢 Get a professional eye on your resume and your job search materials – this can save you lots of time and boost your confidence for sure.

🟢 Check out, a job search platform I discovered recently with invaluable open position recommendations that are highly personalized, relevant, and up-to-date. You can see a company’s Trustpilot/Glassdoor rankings, salary range, funding sources, and other important info from the job listing you receive as a recommendation. It helps a lot.

🟢 Embrace ChatGPT. Not as an ultimate “end-product” source, but as a tool that can help you draft cover letters, recruiter outreach messages, resume sections, possible interview questions, and much more.

Be open-minded about changes you see and try to see the positive side.

Easier said than done, I know, but remember – you can only influence the things you can control.

I’m just a message away if you need me. 💬💙


P.S. In case you need professional assistance, here is how I can help you:



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