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Why Is Your Job Search Unproductive?

A job search is usually unproductive because:

❌ It’s hard for people to define what they want next, especially if they need to change their profession or industry.

❌ They think it’s a good strategy to apply to every position, especially those below their professional level.

❌ They have a hard time accepting rejections, learn, reflect, and change the job search approach.

❌ They neglect networking, focusing only on online applying.

❌ They are unaware that their resumes are outdated, badly written, and difficult to read.

❌ They think their LinkedIn profile doesn’t matter much.

❌ They expect to get different outcomes, doing exactly the same things over and over again.

What makes a job search PRODUCTIVE:

✅ Deciding what is your target role and rewrite, design, and tailor your resume accordingly.

✅ Applying strategically to job postings that match at least 80% of your skills and expertise.

✅ Exploring your network and working on your networking skills.

✅ Making your CV and LinkedIn profile stand out.

✅ If there are no interviews for more than a month, change the approach.

Based on my experience with at least 30 job seekers monthly.

Be wise. Work smarter, not harder.



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