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Your Job Search Road Doesn't Have to Be Bumpy

Instead of a selfie, photos of my kids, dashing recruiters and employers, or targeting your emotional triggers, I'm posting something job seekers can actually benefit from - tips on how to become productive in their job search. 🙂

Why is job search usually unproductive?

⚫ It's hard for people to define what they want next, especially if they need to change their profession or industry

⚫ People think it's an excellent strategy to apply to almost every position in their field, especially those below their professional level

⚫ They have a hard time accepting rejections, learning, reflecting, and changing the job search approach

⚫ They neglect networking completely, focusing only on online applications

⚫ They are frequently unaware that their resumes are outdated, poorly written, or difficult to read

⚫ They think their LinkedIn profile doesn't matter much

⚫ They expect to have different outcomes, doing precisely the same things over and over again

And what does make it productive?

✅ Deciding on your target role and rewriting, designing, and tailoring your resume accordingly

✅ Applying strategically to job postings you match at least 80% of the qualification requirements

✅ Exploring your network power and working on your networking skills

✅ Making your resume and LinkedIn profile stand out

✅ If you are not getting interviews for more than a month, reflect and change the approach

Check the infographic below for more advice.

If you are applying to companies with 2 jobs open at different levels (for example, an associate and mid-level) and using pay transparency to guide your decisions - that can be a big mistake.

Use your EXPERIENCE - if a role requires for 2-4 years of industry experience and you are just receiving your degree (with no prior industry employment) - you will not be qualified.

Apply for the position that matches your experience.

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