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7 Tips For An Effective LinkedIn Profile

Is just having a LinkedIn profile enough for employers to contact you?


Not quite. 

If you want to get noticed, your profile MUST be COMPLETE and OPTIMISED.


If your profile does not match the role you want, you will likely not appear in recruiters' candidate searches.


So, here is what you should do to make your profile a magnet for employers:

🧲 Make your profile photo and other profile sections publicly visible (edit your visibility settings).

🧲 Revise or set your "Open to work" feature - be very targeted and specific with the job titles you want, locations, and workplace types. Recruiters filter and prioritise candidates by “Open to Work” if they match their preferences.

🧲 Write a strategic LinkedIn headline (you can find more about how to do it on my website's Articles & Tips page).

🧲 Choose the job titles from the drop-down list LinkedIn is offering you in the Experience section. In their LinkedIn search, recruiters always include a combination of various titles that could be similar to the scope of their openings.

🧲 Add all 50 skills in the Skills section, and make sure the top 3 are the most relevant for your target job. Recruiters include a combination of keywords/synonyms that match the skills for roles.

🧲 Start following the company before you apply.


Employers will search you up on LinkedIn (and other social media) before reaching out to you, there's no doubt.


So, why don't you make your profile a powerful job search tool, then?


When you make your LinkedIn profile more than just a digital resume— you transform it into a living, breathing representation of your professional identity.


And that will undoubtedly increase your chances of finding a new job faster. It’s easier than you think.

If you are not quite tech-savvy and LinkedIn profile optimisation is not your thing, ask for professional assistance.


Work with people who have experience with this and whose profiles are walking the talk. 🙂


I’m just a message away if you need me. 💬 

Check out this practical guide to help you make the most of your LinkedIn profile.


P.S. My clients' profile views increase by at least 50% just 10 days after our coaching, so don't underestimate the power of this platform.

Here is how I can help you:



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