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Are You Making This Mistake Every Time You Send Your Application?

Do you name your resume file properly before submitting it online or sending it to the recruiters / hiring managers?

This is such an important, in fact, a CRUCIAL step when you are applying for a job.

Be sure that recruiters will not even open your resume if your file name looks like this:

⛔ AnnaFK_CVversion2.docx

⛔ MarkEng_Last3.pdf

⛔ Resume Corrected.docx

⛔ Curriculum Vitae.docx

⛔ CV 21-07-20 Net ’05.pdf

resume tips file name career coaching

I’m sure you get my point.

So, how can you name your resume in a professional way and leave a good first impression even before your qualifications start speaking out?

❇️ Include your FULL NAME first

❇️ Include the words “resume” or “CV”

❇️ You could include your title too, but I prefer to keep it as simple and as short as possible

Your resume file name should look like this:

✅ Olivera-Andjelkovic_Resume.docx

Good luck and always pay attention to basics! For all the rest, message me anytime. 🙂🍀


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