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Client Success

I admire my clients' hard-working attitudes and personalities, and I always like to help young women when they are starting their careers.

This amazing girl from Canada took 2 jobs while studying.

When she graduated, she had difficulties landing a job in her study field because her working experience was not related to it.

We overcame this obstacle with an efficient resume and a great LinkedIn profile, and after more than a month, she got the job she wanted!

Coming from a difficult background myself, I know how hard it can be studying and working simultaneously. It’s no joke.

To all of you in this situation right now – you got this, it’s worth it, and your time is yet to come! 🌹

I'm here for any help.

Follow me on LinkedIn for more job search and career development tips ➡️ Olivera Andjelkovic

P.S. Backed up with 10+ yrs of HR consulting and 5+ years of coaching experience. 🙂



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