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Data-driven resume for recruiters and HR professionals

How to write your achievements as a recruiter or HR professional, and most importantly, what metrics should you include?

Since this is my field, I dedicated comprehensive info on this topic to all my HR peers today. 😊

As a recruiter, I’m sure you have helped your employers find top talent and built high-performing teams many times. But when you need to quantify it on your resume – crickets. 🦗

The same goes for HR professionals who continuously make an impact on HR functions, implement countless strategic initiatives, and support organizational growth throughout their careers - but just cannot put this on paper effectively.

To make a data-driven resume, you need to showcase all this in an impressive way – by using metrics, and I guarantee you that you will stand out as a top candidate for the role.

Swipe and check it out and use 7 suggested metrics with examples for each role, and work on your resume. 🙂



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