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Do You Have an Outdated Info on Your Resume?

It’s tough to be objective when writing a resume, and it’s even harder to decide what parts of the resume need to be cut out as outdated when your resume is too long.

I’ve recently worked with a Sales and Operations Director who had a 6-page resume (!).

We had a long discussion about why, as a senior-level professional, he needed to say goodbye to his achievements and other info from 15 years ago.

This seems harsh, but it’s necessary if you want your resume to be effective.

The resume goal at the senior professional level is to highlight your leadership influence and your career results for the last 10 years preferably and to secure you an interview.

If the last time you updated your resume was years ago, check if you still have this outdated information:

⛔ Objective section – instead, write a strategic and catchy summary

⛔ Too much personal info – date of birth, full address, relationship status

⛔ Salary information

⛔ Internships

⛔ Awards won at the University

⛔ Volunteering you did 15 years ago

⛔ Courses and training completed at the beginning of the career

⛔ References details

I’m just one message away if you struggle to fix these problems on your own. 💬

Works smarter, not harder, and follow me on LinkedIn for more job search and career development tips ➡️ Olivera Andjelkovic



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