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Do You Need a Summary on Your Resume?

100% yes!

BUT do not waste this precious space – make it compelling for recruiters and hiring managers.

Step 1️⃣

Make it easy for them to visualize how you can immediately accelerate the team.

Step 2️⃣

Write exactly who you are, how many years of experience you have, and something that makes you unique.

Step 3️⃣

Put numbers to your claims and summarize them across your entire career

Remember - your impact numbers clearly show scale, difficulty, and complexity.

A good summary shows how you can fit into the team. An excellent summary shows how you will accelerate it.

And here is what NOT to do:

❌ DO NOT use cliché phrases or empty adjectives.

❌ DO NOT write a novel - keep it short, concise, and to the point (up to 3-4 bullets will do).

❌ DO NOT write the summary first - when updating your resume, write the summary last, you will have a much better perspective and inspiration for writing.

I've included an example below - the summary I got and the summary I wrote for one of my clients.

If you've rewritten your summary and your resume so many times that you've lost count, and there's still no progress on the interview front, it's maybe time for us to talk. 🙂

Send me a message. 💬

Work smarter, not harder. 🍀


P.S. In case you need professional assistance, here is how I can help you:
➡️ Coaching for entry-level, intermediate, and mid-level professionals
➡️ Coaching for senior professionals and executives
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