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Do You Own A Frankenstein Resume?

Read this well, it’s the thing I see EVERY day and it’s not good…

I know you are flooded with advice on how to write your resume, how to make it ATS-compliant, how to format it, what to include, what to exclude…

It’s overwhelming…and you end up having a patched CV that looks resurrected, but not quite alive. 🙁

Olivera Coaching and Consulting Resume Writing Service LinkedIn profile makeover

Updating your resume based on a hundred tips (often unprofessional) will not get your foot in the hiring manager’s door, and here is why:

🆘 It’s bursting with phrases and overused words.

🆘 The mix of resume writing styles is visible, and it looks messy and confusing.

🆘 The "one–size–fits–all" resume approach is doomed to failure.

🆘 It does not reflect you, your experience, and expertise.

What to do instead:

✍️ Keep in mind: your resume is ALL about what you can add to the company.

✍️ Avoid explanations, keep it simple, precise, to the point, factual.

✍️ Include quantified proof of your accomplishment wherever possible.

✍️ Your resume is YOUR career passport, it must reflect YOU.

So, if you are not getting interviews - it’s because of your resume. Work smarter, not harder, and ask for help when you need it.



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