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Does a Degree Matter?

For my executive clients, it sure does.

Getting to the top is never easy, but it is especially tough when you lack the hallmarks of reputation that potential employers value.

Can you get to the top without a degree? Yes.

Would this be easier than with the degree? No.

A bachelor’s degree provides you with the fundamentals, but a (business) master’s degree provides greater depth/breadth, a focused area of study, enhances one’s leadership and management skills, and broadens the knowledge required to accelerate growth in one’s business.

I’m sorry my dear influencers, but I love and I’m proud of my master’s degree. Many of my clients are as well.

I wouldn’t be the same professional because it has taught me:

🎓 How to improve in building relationships

🎓 How to become more diplomatic and open-minded

🎓 How to analyse and critically assess situations and people

🎓 How to communicate better

🎓 How to improve my writing and editing skills

🎓 How to become more culturally aware

🎓 How to be confident in my expertise

So, next time when someone tells you that “degrees are obsolete, and they learned all they need on YouTube”, you just be proud of what you have achieved with your education.

There’s no magic formula for professional success, and yes, we see many successful people following unconventional educational paths.

That’s perfectly ok.

It’s also perfectly ok to be proud of your Master and take no bs from anyone on social media.

Many things we see and read here are exaggerated or false, so keep this in mind when scrolling your feed. 😉

Works smarter, not harder, and follow me on LinkedIn for more job search and career development tips ➡️ Olivera Andjelkovic



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