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Fake Job Ad Scams - How to Protect Yourself

Have you applied for a job, and got invited to an interview, but the whole thing felt just wrong?

This happens more than you know, I have people coming to me with unbelievable stories...

Listen to your gut because, unfortunately, many people get scammed by fake job ads, very often while looking for remote positions.

Here are the usual tactics scammers use:

☠️ They post a job ad on LinkedIn, Twitter, Monster, ZipRecruiter, Facebook, Indeed, Craigslist or CareerBuilder, pretending that behind is a successful company

☠️ When you apply, they invite you to a phone interview

☠️ The day after, they come with a job offer – but, they say the job would entail training and getting a computer and phone to do the job remotely

☠️ They will also ask you to fill in employment forms, submit a scan of a driver’s license, social number, and send over the bank information to get set up for a direct deposit

☠️ They will tell you then you need to buy a laptop and a mobile upfront, and that you’ll be reimbursed for it later

☠️ They tell you to send the money to the “client” by way of Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrency, iTunes cards, Interact e-Transfer, vouchers purchased through Flexepin, or direct deposit into a third-party bank account provided by the scammer

❗ Be very cautious ❗

Once the scammers have your personal information, they could harm you in various ways - from stealing your money all the way to stealing your identity.

Before you apply for a job, always check for those RED FLAGS:

🔴 You are contacted through non-company email domains

🔴 The job does not exist on the company career page

🔴 The company web address seems strange

🔴 The job doesn’t require any experience, and the salary is unusually high

🔴 You are asked to pay a non-refundable registration fee

🔴 You are required to purchase start-up equipment from the company

🔴 You are asked to buy a laptop/mobile from the company’s partner

🔴 You are asked to give your bank account/ID scan/social security number before you start working

🔴 The potential employer shows a sense of urgency to hire you

REMEMBER - if you are required to pay for a job, it’s guaranteed to be a scam.

To protect yourself from a job scam, make sure to do research on the company, talk to someone you trust, and reject any offer that asks for your money and sensitive information.

Work smarter, not harder. 🍀


P.S. If you need professional assistance with your job search, send me a message or check the available coaching options.



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