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Four Job Seekers Types Who Struggle Landing a Job

⚠️WARNING: some hard job search truth ⚠️

Do you usually hear only what you like to hear, or what you NEED to hear? 

What kind of job seeker are you?

1️⃣ The one who blames the process, recruiters, company 


2️⃣ The one who reflects and adapts?

Over the years, I’ve encountered many job seekers, and from their attitude towards the job search, I could tell how long their job search would last.

If you are the one who blames the employers, recruiters and hiring process for your long search, ask yourself the following:

🔴 Do I really know how the job search and hiring process these days work? 

🔴 Whose advice did I take about career development and job search?

🔴 Am I ready to see my job search efforts objectively and make changes if necessary? 

When you know the answer to all these questions, you will start moving in the direction you want – I guarantee it. 

It’s crucial that you focus on things you can control and change - you will save much needed energy (and sanity).

I’m just a message away if you need help with your resume, interviewing, career clarity or job search. 💬

If you are ready to hear what you NEED to hear, I’m your girl. 🙂


P.S. If you are also ready for some job search truth, check the file below. ⚠️WARNING: NOT for those who can't handle straightforwardness well. 😉


Do you need professional assistance in your job search? Here is how I can help you:      

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Work smarter, not harder. Invest in your career and your future wisely. 🍀



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