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How Has Job Search Changed in the Last Five Years?

Like it or not, the landscape of job search activities has evolved significantly since 2018, primarily due to technological advancements, changes in workforce demographics and shifts in job market demands.

For example, social media and professional networking sites have become more sophisticated, offering targeted job recommendations, advanced search capabilities, and enhanced networking opportunities.

Visibility on social media and online reputation also became the most important features for job seekers, as well.

The use of AI and automation tools in recruitment has grown, from applications to chatbots conducting initial interviews and engagement. Now, we have virtual interviews, virtual tours of workplaces, and online onboarding sessions for new hires.

With the rapid pace of changes, job seekers are now forced to adapt and focus on continuous learning and development in all professional areas – including how they look for their next role.

However, many still need to catch up with all the developments in the job market. If you feel similar, and you wonder where to start, this is for you.

Start by informing yourself about several critical trends to effectively build your job search and application strategies – read more below.

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