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How to Search for A Job If You Recently Graduated?

You finally finished your studies and can’t wait to start a career in your field, but no matter how many job applications you’ve sent, you don’t get any interview invitations, let alone a job offer.

This scenario is far too familiar to so many young people regardless of the country they live in. To get a job you need experience, and to get the experience you need a job…it’s a never-ending circle. Living all the frustration aside, the wisest thing you can do in this situation is to accept your unique circumstances and make them work in your favour. How?

1️⃣ Look at your resume. Does it indicate any skill or training relevant to your career goal? If not, think about it and include it in your CV. Also, what CV layout did you use? Maybe it’s better to use a skill-based CV layout instead of a chronological one, where you arrange your skills and write about your relevant experience and accomplishments under each skill. This format should emphasize your skills and accomplishments related to your career objective. Try to exploit what’s most significant about you – your degree, your technical skills, any internships that you have. Your resume is your ticket to the job you want, do your best to really reflect your true value.

2️⃣ Identify your job opportunities. What does it mean actually? Have you thought about the companies you want to work for or a position you want to take? If not, it’s very useful to make a list of the companies or the positions that are right for you first, and then start your job search. A common mistake is to apply online for every position that you are even remotely qualified for. This will only frustrate you, not to mention the waste of your time. Instead, focus on your personal connections as well, and see if there is anyone you know who already works in any of the desired companies. This will help you to start building your network by connecting proactively. At the moment, there are many career platforms built for graduates (Graduateland in Europe for example), and many big companies offer graduate traineeships and full-time positions, so do your research.

3️⃣ Filter and polish your professional presence online. Think about your activities on social media and adjust your privacy settings accordingly. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, create it and make sure it is in accordance with your CV. No doubt employers will check you out online, so make sure the image you reflect is professional and mature.

And do not lose your fate and confidence! Job search is almost always a very demanding and frustrating thing and keeping your spirits up is crucial. Whatever pressure that you might feel, just remember that your career is just starting and that many of your peers experience the same. Good luck!

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