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How To Stand Out Among The Competition?

Are you still remaining in the game after a certain number of years on your resume?

Then you've probably heard about personal branding. Yes, it’s a thing for some time now.

Building your personal brand - especially if you have 15 or more years of career, could help you position yourself much better among your (younger) competition.

Here is how:

1️⃣ Strong LinkedIn profile is not only your online CV, but also your personal advertising page

2️⃣ Unified online presence across social media – your consistent image and info build trust

3️⃣ If you are a job seeker: identify your main strength and build your brand around it

4️⃣ If you are a job seeker with 15+ years of career: build your personal brand around your leadership accomplishments – publicize your expertise in LinkedIn articles, posts, comments

Your personal brand is a manifestation of you, and if you build it strategically, it will differentiate you from others and boost your reputation - which makes you a very desirable candidate. 🙂

Check out the photo below for some tips on how to stand out among other candidates.

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Work smarter, not harder. 🍀

Olivera Coaching and Consulting Olivera Andjelkovic Executive Career Coach

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