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How To Write And List Achievements In A Resume?

Everyone is talking about results and achievements and how much these matter in a resume. But, few really know how to define and present them properly.

If you are looking for the same explanation and guidance, here it is.

❇️ If you have measurable results, you can try answering these questions and list your quantifiable accomplishments:

➖ Try to describe your achievements using numbers and %.

➖ Try to define what are the efficiencies you've created? At what time did you achieve it? What were the intervals?

➖ Use, for example, the annual income generated, cost reduced, money saved, errors reduced, sales target reached, market share gained, size and number of teams you supervised, number of projects you completed, number of training, number of clients, vendors, accounts...

❇️ If you can’t think of any measurable accomplishment you had, or it’s really hard to put a number on jobs that you have done, try this:

➖ Focus on your leadership and management results: the achievements of your team, your successful mentorship methods, special training, or pilot projects.

➖ Include your partnership results: the opportunities you’ve identified and created through new partnerships.

➖ Think of special recognitions: awards you won, ideas and innovation you introduced and implemented, systems or procedures you developed, problems you solved.

➖ Don't forget your job promotions and all the fast progress that you had.

Now doesn't this make things a bit easier? 🙂

Message me with any career-related question you have, I'll gladly help! 📬

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