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Is the Great Resignation Turning into a Great Midlife Crisis? 👀

According to the latest statistic, Gen Xers now seem to lead the Great Reshuffle.

Last year we had younger, less-tenured workers quitting their jobs in industries like retail, food service, and health care.

Now, the main growth in quit rates is coming from older employees with decades of experience in higher-paid industries like finance, tech, and other knowledge worker fields (see the graph).

My experience working with executive clients in the last 4 months confirms this.

The main reason for resignations I hear from them are the following:

🔴 Search for professional meaning (middle-life reflection on what really matters)

🔴 Feeling not enough appreciated at their current company, and not having an opportunity to advance further

🔴 Desire to continue working remotely or with greater flexibility

🔴 Desire to change the industry

Are you one of them, thinking about quitting your job?

Well, it’s certainly a good market for it. The number of business and professional job openings is at a record high.

But, before you do, make sure you are well prepared for your job search journey.

Message me if you need any professional assistance about it.

Work smarter, not harder. 🍀

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P.S. Backed up with 10+ yrs of HR consulting and 5+ years of coaching experience. 🙂



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