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“It seems that I’m not able to get past the 1st interview…”

Does this sound like you? 🤔

It’s very challenging to deal with the rejections. It sure takes a lot of strength and sanity to move forward.

But, instead of spinning up the situation, why don’t we try to turn the rejections into learnings?

Just answer this one question:

"What did I learn, and what can I do differently to prepare for next time?"

Use the answer to identify your weak spots and improve.

Of course, sometimes, there are reasons you didn't get invited to another interview beyond your control.

For example, you may have nailed the interview, but the hiring manager went with another candidate or frozen the hiring process for that position.

But, more often than not, it is about you, and there is room for improvement before you get invited to another interview.

It’s essential to be honest with yourself, and do a little introspection.

If you do so, you’ll see a positive difference next time. 📈

In my experience, there are some frequent reasons for unsuccessful 1st interview – check out the photo. ⬇️

...and, I’m just one message away if you need me. 💬



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