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Job Markets Situation in April and May

Reality check – the current situation on job markets👇

I’m getting mixed feedback from my clients in the last 2 months – they all get invited to interviews regularly, but some are still struggling to get through the hiring process and get an offer.

On the other hand, some of them have found a job after only 3 weeks of our coaching, and 3 clients from the US changed their job for the second time in the last 6 months by securing a better offer.

So, here is how the current market situation affects job search outcomes at the moment:

1️⃣ Industry like IT Services, Computer Hardware/Software, Telecommunications and Tech sector, in general, do exceptionally well, and people tend to find a new position relatively fast – my experience from the US, UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany and Canada

2️⃣ In some other industries (like HR), the competition is strong, while in others (Event & Hospitality), there is a huge drop in hiring – my experience from The Netherlands, US and UK

What can you do to optimize your chances of getting an offer?

🎯 Be completely prepared before every interview

🎯 Practice answering the most common interview questions and technical questions related to your field

🎯 Know your market value and practice negotiating your salary

🎯 Learn how to follow-up after the interviews

Be persistent and strong. Don't wait too long if you need help with your job search, message me and we'll go through this together.

Yesterday, a message from my client from Ireland made my day (photo below) – you need just one “YES”, remember that! 🍀



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